I visited his museum less than a month ago, and saw him zipping around, with two chihuahuas  scurrying next to him. Along with his sons, Shimizu works in an office area inside the five-story family owned building. It seems a little big and formal for the Sanford and Son vibe of the place.

Check out a 2009 documentary about the museum.

It´s by Alba Mora Roca, and was featured on websites for the New York Times and The San FrancisoChronicle.

Shimizu runs the museum like any artist/curator would and includes his own toy habitats. In the pic above, a robot housing other robots. Pairings like this are scattered throughout the museum, which includes around 10 thousand toys.

Maybe through the influence of the younger, hip Schimizus, the museum supports the urban arts, in the form of graffitti exhibitions, DJ appearances, and on July 25, cholo rappers. ¨Hip-Hop Revolucion; Monterrey – Neza¨ will feature Mexico City´s top gangsta rappers (a style referred to as rap pandillero), Tetos and Plata Ramirez.

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