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The city, covered in white pillows, can’t match the ‘burb’s when they bristle with snow crystals.  I don’t see the suburbs that much.  When the snow was already pretty much melted all away I found myself in the Bronx. What you’re about to see is for the children. Made by children, me and Semi, breaking day at the edit bay.

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Afro-Latino in the Bronx



As I’ve mentioned before we’ve switched our focus from BK to BX. One of my first pieces is on one of my favorite subjects: Black folks who happen to be Latino (or vice versa). This story found me and it’s been told 10 different ways by people with a keen eye on New York’s subcultures. I’ll soon post a piece from the explaining what this is all about.

Cholos in the Bronx

My amigo Carlos Alvarez Montero is a street photog extraordinaire. He left Mexico to study photography in N.Y. and found the Firme Rydaz while still in school. He made this documentary, and shortly after went back home where he continues to chronicle gangster subcultures. He sets the flix bar  high. I asked him is if was okay if I jacked his sources and wrote about the bike crew for the where I’m currently pitching stories. The cool guy he is, he gave me all the numbers I needed to make it happen. So, from D.F. to N.Y.C, I’ll add some more cholo pieces to this blog. Photos below from Firme Rydaz Myspace page.