Anatomy of Catching an L

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I’m sharing here my pain at catching an L. A loss. We’re running out of semester over here at the Uptown Vatican of journalism. I’ve fought to survive, but it hasn’t been without one or several defeats along the way. I’m learning to respect these deadlines more. Break them when I can, but nonetheless grind until my fingers bleed and my eyes go blurry from too much screen staring. It’s rough, it’s a way of life. It’s called a “calling”. Whatever that means. All I know is that it’s not funded so well.

For this class on catching an L in digital media, a/k/a This is NOT how we Duy take a look at exhibit A and B of an assignment I’ve been trying to get right for almost a month. The job: produce a video about a high school that was listed to close. Outcome: questionable.

A. My second attempt. Okay. No excuses son. This is pure sewage in the sense of professional work. I’m playing the student card through all three-and-a-half minutes. I want to come back to this in less than a year and laugh, because I’ll be so dope by then. Let’s pray. Then watch.

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An elder with rent control

So this was a project I did back in September. It just go critiqued today. Biggest fault: it raises more questions than it answers. Why do these guys live together?

I looked at it as a funny odd couple sort of thing. The older guy, pushing 100, and the younger cat (relatively speaking), whose a character by all measures. I should have let it breathe a little at the intro instead of sliding right into the nat sound. All in all, I’m happy with my first crack at this style of storytelling.

To recap what I ‘shoulda’ done:

*Open with Magnus talking, or with some extended fade-in, silent.
*Focus on just one of the characters, namely Magnus and explain his plight (even though it was not a good choice for a 1-minute piece)
*Show more of the apartment, or at least a shot of the front of the building.

Good luck Mr. Saethre.

Google power

I was impressed when I saw that super-Google engineer Krishna Bharat was tapped to be on staff, via the J School website. My only beef is with the typo. I know, small pickens, but still, this IS thee top J School where craft is king. Hear that CUNY?

In addition to that very minor typo, I couldn’t stop looking at this bleary-eyed pic of Bharat that they put up on the site. I mean, there’s only so many ways to get your eyes that red. And of course, staring at Google code all day is exactly what I’m thinking about.

The illest part of this guy’s job is that he doesn’t even have to be here to teach.

Photos via Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism