If you grew up a professional wrestling fan in the 1990s,  you knew the catch phrase in the title and  you knew all about Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, in the photo above. They were household names around the time Bush Sr sent jets to bomb Iraq. Wrestling honcho Vince McMahon made Macho Man a legend.

“Randy Savage” died on Friday after a car accident caused by a heart attack. He was 58. His ex-wife and former ring valet, Miss Elizabeth died in May 2003, at the age of 42, from an apparent drug overdose. She had moved in with another wrestler.

Randy Savage came from Florida’s Poffo wrestling family. The patriarch of that clan, Angelo Poffo, died in March last year. The other wrestler in the family Lanny Poffo, whom I remember as Leaping Lanny Poffo, has a dedication to his brother on his personal site: http://www.lannypoffo.com. There’s an email link for people to email condolences. Here’s a photo of his brother from Lanny’s homepage:

Photo from http://www.Lannypoffo.com

Now, I’m not some kind of superfan of wrestling, but I’m addicted to childhood memories and this man made appearances in a lot of them. Like Ric Flair he was a wrestler with true swag. I mean, he went extra-hard in the swag category with the colorful clothing, eye wear, James Brown gibberish and catch-phrases.

To me, the most memorable thing about this guy was that he came to the ring playing a graduation song. Sir Edward Elgar would’ve been proud. I think.

If you don’t remember what a Macho Man entrance was like, check it out below.


Muy Macho



This will all make more sense in a like 8 months, when I finish my Master’s project. Trust me, I’m not going freak-show on you for no reason. This type of stuff is fairly standard in the world of lucha libre. You can’t really have an authentic Mexican wrestling show without crossing this line. What does it really mean anyway? Muy macho?

El Hijo Del Santo Uses Moby

Not the most aggressive entrance music.

Moby’s “Signs of Love” doesn’t make me think tough thoughts. El Hijo Del Santo has a legacy to live up to, he should really bring it with a little more aggression.

A charged crowed watched a scion of Mexican wrestling royalty one night, last month (A legacy of branding): El Hijo Del Santo. The son of El Santo, who fronted Sunday magazine, “Dia Siete” earlier this month. His series of holds or llaves, which they’re called in Spanish, look straight silly today; not that 50 years ago they looked any more real. It’s just nice to have that flavor, he uses moves his dad taught him probably. There was a family resemblance in that *camel clutch he used to win the match.

update: UK Sun talked to Hijo del Santo in 2008.

Is it true your father is buried in his mask?

Yes, it is true. When he died our first option was not to tell anybody and to keep it in the family but my brothers and I decided it wasn’t fair to keep him from his fans, so we decided to release the news nationwide. For the funeral, it was important for people to see him in his mask as they were not going to see Rodolfo Guzman, but El Santo, so yes, he was buried with his mask on.

Video, top, from Jan. 31, match promoted by Los Perros Del Mal in Mexico City .

*What a perfect camel clutch looks like.

SWINE ON MY MIND 4: Calm before the storm? **UPDATES

THIRSTY?: A couple shares a fruit juice at the Sunday market in Colonia Del Valle in Mexico City. The Mexican government ordered bars and clubs closed for the next 10 days.
THIRSTY?: A couple shares a fruit juice at the Sunday market in Colonia Del Valle in Mexico City. The Mexican government ordered bars and clubs closed for the next 10 days.

Worldwide financial markets are already starting to take a beating in this, the first official week following the swine flu crisis here in Mexico City.
Alas, the drug companie$ have little to worry about. Ka-ching.
Besides all the bars and clubs and sporting events shuttering over the weekend, one of the major letdowns was the cancellation of 60 lucha libre matches.
I really hope this virus gets under control for next week’s 3rd annual wrestling convention, called Lucha Libre: La Experiencia, which is a mix of informative panel discussions on wrestling as well as music and entertainment. It’s scheduled to run May 1-3 at Centro Banamex here in D.F.
On another note, this mask wearing is getting out of hand. Most people, I mean, like more than half walking around on the street don’t wear them. If things get worse, health-wise, then wearing a mask is going to have to be an ordinary fashion accessory for a while.

With total deaths at 103 so far 149, as long at the numbers don’t shoot up exponentially, we should be alright. Then again, it might just be the calm before the storm, and then, you know. Be safe. Wash your hands.


  • Seriously feeling an EARTHQUAKE right now in Colonia Roma @ 11:49 central time [ CNN Just confirmed, it hit at 11:45am]. US geological survey is calling it a 6.0 quake, check it details, here.
  • CDC says don’t go to Mexico if you don’t have to
  • Mexico health minister says 149 confirmed dead due to flu-like symptoms 20 22 of those deaths confirmed due to swine flu, the city currently has 2,372 cases of people with flu-like symptoms [all numbers from the Milenio news channel]
  • New York City confirms 20 more cases
  • Wow. I guess it really could be…….

    R.E.M-End of the World as We know it (and I feel fine)

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    Pharell co-signed Washington Heights rapper's newest mixtape.

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