Not the most aggressive entrance music.

Moby’s “Signs of Love” doesn’t make me think tough thoughts. El Hijo Del Santo has a legacy to live up to, he should really bring it with a little more aggression.

A charged crowed watched a scion of Mexican wrestling royalty one night, last month (A legacy of branding): El Hijo Del Santo. The son of El Santo, who fronted Sunday magazine, “Dia Siete” earlier this month. His series of holds or llaves, which they’re called in Spanish, look straight silly today; not that 50 years ago they looked any more real. It’s just nice to have that flavor, he uses moves his dad taught him probably. There was a family resemblance in that *camel clutch he used to win the match.

update: UK Sun talked to Hijo del Santo in 2008.

Is it true your father is buried in his mask?

Yes, it is true. When he died our first option was not to tell anybody and to keep it in the family but my brothers and I decided it wasn’t fair to keep him from his fans, so we decided to release the news nationwide. For the funeral, it was important for people to see him in his mask as they were not going to see Rodolfo Guzman, but El Santo, so yes, he was buried with his mask on.

Video, top, from Jan. 31, match promoted by Los Perros Del Mal in Mexico City .

*What a perfect camel clutch looks like.


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