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I’m sharing here my pain at catching an L. A loss. We’re running out of semester over here at the Uptown Vatican of journalism. I’ve fought to survive, but it hasn’t been without one or several defeats along the way. I’m learning to respect these deadlines more. Break them when I can, but nonetheless grind until my fingers bleed and my eyes go blurry from too much screen staring. It’s rough, it’s a way of life. It’s called a “calling”. Whatever that means. All I know is that it’s not funded so well.

For this class on catching an L in digital media, a/k/a This is NOT how we Duy take a look at exhibit A and B of an assignment I’ve been trying to get right for almost a month. The job: produce a video about a high school that was listed to close. Outcome: questionable.

A. My second attempt. Okay. No excuses son. This is pure sewage in the sense of professional work. I’m playing the student card through all three-and-a-half minutes. I want to come back to this in less than a year and laugh, because I’ll be so dope by then. Let’s pray. Then watch.

Exhibit B.

So, don’t shoot me for playing anybody out, because my name is on this, too. The way it works ’round here is that you partner up. I think it’s either to teach us to work with other people and build social skills, or to cut down on the amount of people who present their videos in class. Either way, it’s still hard work. I linked up with the scientist M.N., who went to the same small liberal arts college I went to. I figured we’d have some connection. She chose to do the project in Coney Island. At first I was like “C.I. ? You’re wildin!” But she looked at me like she didn’t know what “wildin” meant. So, I resisted and her expert reporting skills brought the resources to our front door, so we did it. This was her crack at it. Our “final” pass on the video. Watch, enjoy. Don’t clown.


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