My amigo Carlos Alvarez Montero is a street photog extraordinaire. He left Mexico to study photography in N.Y. and found the Firme Rydaz while still in school. He made this documentary, and shortly after went back home where he continues to chronicle gangster subcultures. He sets the flix bar  high. I asked him is if was okay if I jacked his sources and wrote about the bike crew for the where I’m currently pitching stories. The cool guy he is, he gave me all the numbers I needed to make it happen. So, from D.F. to N.Y.C, I’ll add some more cholo pieces to this blog. Photos below from Firme Rydaz Myspace page.


3 thoughts on “Cholos in the Bronx

  1. thats crazy how did they get there? I thought that was a taco free zone! now new york will be ruined… well, hopefully the puerto ricans, the dominicans, the gods and earths, the jamaicans, the russians, the jews, the italians, the albanians, the hipsters, the west indians, the hindus, the sikhs, the belizians, the africans, muslims, the irish, and whoever else i forgot puts the smash down on these bitchs! fuck these assholes… native new yorkers, local new yorkers stand up make sure these bastards leave before they ruin a beautiful city

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