I don’t know if my cousin Pancho bought this on Broad St. in Newark or on Canal Street in N.Y., but somehow in the early 90s I ended up with it. I think maybe he left it at my house because he really didn’t love it that much. It was hanging in my hallway closet since I can remember. I never rocked it (until now), the fashion of pleather medallions wore off after a year or so and they just weren’t hiphop for too long. Now,  Batman (I think) still remains hiphop.
The fortune I have at being able to run through my old shit at my parents’ house in Jersey makes me really happy. Especially when I found those North Face gloves, mint condition, no crust. Nice.

Above is a Batman medallion that some how came on the scene during that period in hiphop when De La Soul and X-Clan had everyone rocking a beaded this or leather that. Some people had the Malcolm X.  Kind of fun finding these objects again. I’ve been secretly rocking this medallion since I rediscovered it last week. I guess in some way, pieces of “junk” like this tell us a little about who we were, and where we were at in life.

This song is a bit post-pleather medallion but I’m finding out it’s one of my favorite 90s era rap songs.

Son Get Wrec (Enta Da Stage, 1993)



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