There was a time back when I was in college and learning about being a 5% (this from listening to too much Wu-Tang) that I thought of Christmas as a pagan holiday and not worth my time. The joys of Christmastime only felt with a marathon movie screening on TNT. Afterall, if you grew up in a household that gave presents every year, reality starts to set in as you leave your teens and you’re more likely to get socks or a tie, instead of something electronic, expensive and fun.


So this year, I have the luxury of being all up in my family’s grill, and I’m going to try and feel some Christmas cheer. No working at a newspaper, where it’s business-as-usual on Christmas and New Years Eve (*though I will take a job if anyone if offering $$*).  No memorizing the distance from Earth to the Sun. I’m going to rock with Darlene Love (in one of my x-mas favoritos above).

If you need help getting into the holiday spirit. I recommend getting your hands on a copy of this Phil Spector holiday ensemble record.





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