One of the things I’m most grateful to my sister for is the fact I got to see Gordon Parks deliver the commencement at her graduation from F.I.T. He died a couple of years later. Besides being an author, composer and movie director, he was a badass shooter. And the man was self taught.
I’m working on getting my Gordon Parks on, but we’re a long way off. Grainy ISO settings be damned! Plus, I’m still kind of scary when it comes to sticking cameras in people’s grills.

Lisa, the digital associate angel on my shoulder gave me a fair, honest assessment of my first 3 homework assignments. Practice is definitely needed, but I think she would agree I have a little G. Parks in me, however tiny. Below are the photos with her comments. Live and learn, my folks.

“#23 is beautifully exposed….”

That’s right. Shorties at the Fairy Convention didn’t even flinch when I put the lens all up in their public space. Good feeling.

…but her expression is less compelling than the interactions in #26″

Hmm. So she’s saying I took a really boring shot in the previous picture and maybe should have exposed this one better. Well, that’s what I think.


“The exposure is a little off on #22 (did you try doing Recovery in Photoshop?), but it’s a great moment.”

I did use Recovery. But I think my ISO was maybe a little too high for the sunshine. I was distracted by the fairy air humping.


So, fair assessments. Thanks Lisa for passing on the knowledge. And thanks to Pinky of FairyCon for letting me photograph the event.


Gordon Parks photo via.



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