FLU MASK: Some think swine flu has peaked in Mexico City. Others feel more deaths are imminent.
FLU MASK: Some think swine flu has peaked in Mexico City. Others feel more deaths are imminent.

Iztapalapa on Easter Mexico City


Mexico City Jesus

Swine flu with a Flu mask in Mexico City

swine flu flu-mask mexico city

Mexico City Diego Rivera Mural Chapultepec Castle

Cubreboca mexico city virus swine flu fashion

diego rivera mural chapultepec castle mexico city mexicocity

mexico city street art

street art mexico city

Mexico City swine flu business closings nightlife

mexico city swine flu flu-mask

Pidgeons mexico city bird-love

street art coyoacan mexico city graf

forensics government buildings mexico city

spongebob squarepants elmo spiderman celebrity impersonators mexico city chapultepec park mexicocity

tourism chapultepec castle chapultepec forest mexico city

mexico city dogs pets

skaters skater kids skateboards mexico city centro medico metro

politics fashion mexico city

the force jedi knight mexicocity

mixup record stores plaza delta mexico city death trash music

speedy gonzalez mexico city

mexico city flu El Día Del Niño

mexico city cubreboca

style mexico city one-leg-up style ll cool j

jesus religion iztapalapa mexico city art street vendors

tiangues del valle mexico city flu swine flu influenza cubreboca flu-mask

cubreboca flu swine flu

swine_cops law enforcement swine pigs flu influenza johnny law five-o mexico city low-wage labor

mexico city metro subways trains public transportation influenza diseases flu-mask cubreboca flu

Itztapalapa mexico city easteritztapalapa easter mexico city


estadio azteca azteca stadium aztec stadium mexico city el evento 40

estadio azteca aztec stadium

colonia del valle mexico city

mexico city

chapultepec castle mexico city

Hospital Siglo XXI mexico city influenza flu swine flu cubreboca flu-mask hospitals diseases

swine flu influenza mexico city news

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3 thoughts on “SO MUCH TROUBLE ON MY SWINE: Mexico City in Flicks~April, 2009

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog. My husband is an ER doc in El Paso. It’s crazy…450 patients yesterday worried that they might have swine flu….my Mother in Houston called me yesterday and begged me not to leave the house.

  2. Jill,
    Thanks for checking out the blog. Yes, it’s still a really serious situation. We’re not in the clear yet. Out here in Mexico City, visiting a local clinic, you find out quickly that a majority of the people in the waiting room are just in a panic and may not even have the “gripa porcina.”

  3. Here in NJ the Gov just confirmed there are 5 cases. Four members of a family who traveled to Mexico and one who travelled to California. Their symptoms so far are mild according to the reports. Here in NJ the warnings are constant and the newspapers are all covering as the number of story.

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