It was a rough week. Working for an online sweatshop isn’t good for a guy like me. Rent has got to get paid. I mean, the allure of the gig rests in the fact I get paid on time, and in a super convenient manner. Not feeling those extra charges, though.

Well, who doesn’t complain about his job?

For those of you who hate your jobs, and have this Memorial Day off, let your 3 Day Weekend give you all the rest you need to tackle the beast again on Tuesday. Remember: we gotta pay rent.

I did’t drop a GVP this week, so to make up for it, here’s 3 ways to kill some time this weekend. As always, courtesy of Google Video.

My pops is a fan of this movie. It’s a French neo-urban-noir flick that uses physical expertise at a martial art as its centerpiece. The scenes of Parkour get a little corny in places, but some of those moves are crazy.  District B13 aka Banlieue 13 (2004).

Find a good copy, here.

1981 was a great year in movies. Given our focus on drug cartels in recent years, High Risk (1981), plays nicely into the current debate. Not really. A group of working class L.A. buddies, led by Josh Brolin’s dad, go and rob a gringo drug boss, played by James Coburn.

I’ve watched this movie twice, and still can’t figure out why it’s not a regular feature on Cinemax. The Lickerish Quartet (1970), while about as soft porn as a movie can get, is regaled as something of an art house classic. You decide (just make sure the kids ARE NOT around the computer).


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