For a lot of guys (and women), I’m sure it’s a great thing that the fetish object that is the Latina has a new popular mainstream U.S. embodiment in TV star Sofia Vergara. Type her name into google and you can find all the boob pics you want and see all the awful *cough SOUL PLANE cough* movies she had to work on until she scored a winner. Of course her character is the same carbon copy of other feisty Latin immigrant spouses that goes back decades. I’m just here to celebrate that after Shakira’s worn out her welcome, Hollywood is finally catching on to the fact that Colombian women are hot.

Vergara is up for a Screen Actors Guild Award as well as a Golden Globe. Let’s hope she wins it so that we don’t just think of hips and drug mules when we want to celebrate Colombians in the U.S. entertainment spotlight.



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