I go to one of the greatest journalism schools on the planet, son. The best I could muster was a few flicks on election day. It was a great experience. Midterms are the boring side of elections in most cases. Too bad I didn’t get into school two years ago. Would’ve loved to do some Obama stories. This photo I took is mad yellow. Blame it on the gym floor. Or blame it on my novice skills. One day I’ll look at it and laugh. Actually, I was laughing when my professor saw it and was like: “Why is it so yellow?”

Actually, mediocrity isn’t that funny.

There goes my travel fellowship. Wait, I think I nixed those chances way back in September. Still, we keeps pushing.

Below is a bit of raw reporting I handed in to a colleague who was putting in extra-fly work on the election coverage tip. **Shouts to Beth Mo!

When I look over these notes, I see 1,000,000 things missing. Sloppy! Just gotta learn. The original idea was for me to do some type exit poll interview. These are the results:


Snapshots of Voters in Park Slope.

Camp Friendship 8th Ave and 6th Street.

Voter  1, Black Male, mid to late 30s.

Party Affiliation: Independent, but raised Democrat

Voted for: Cuomo and Gillibrand. Chose one Republican (didn´t catch who)

Why:  ¨People shouldn´t ride the partisan lines.¨

Voter 2, Black Woman, early 30s

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted for: Charles Barron, stuck with Dems in other races.

Why: ¨I knew more about [Charles Barron] from reading about him in the Amsterdam News¨ Didn´t vote for Cuomo, ¨because it was more about his father.¨

Voter 3, young  white male, 23

Affiliation: Libertarian

Voted: Libertarian candidate for governor and Working Families in other races

Why: It would be nice to have a Libertarian governor to go along with all the Democrats

(voter was raised in a democratic family)

Voter 4, male, 23, latino

Affilation: Dem.

Voted: Cuomo for governor

Why: Because that was the best choice.

Voter 5, female, white, with kid

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted: ¨Working families all the way¨

Why: ¨I don´t vote republican¨

Voter 6, female, black

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted: ¨Democrat all the way.¨

Why: ¨Do we have a choice?¨

Voter 7, female, black

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted: ¨Cuomo, no doubt.¨

Why: ¨You have to have some sympathy for him, because in his case, his wife cheated on him¨

Voter 7, woman, Black

Affiliation: Dem

Voted: Democrat down the line

Why: I could never vote for Carl Paladino. The Republican Agenda does not fall in line with mine.

¨There will be Republican sweeps in other states, so I thought  about that in part.

Voter 8, male, white

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted: Cuomo.

Why: Best option I felt comfortable with. At this time they need to have some resistance to what everyone thinks is going to happen.

Voter 9, woman, Asian? White? (she looked biracial)

Affiliation: Democrat

Voted: Cuomo. Voted all Democrat

Why: ¨They´ve been my reps for years and years. The kneejerk reaction is to take them out to affect change.

Voter 10, male , Latino

Affiliation: For voting purposes, I say Democrat (he seemed like a reluctant Dem)

Voted: Cuomo, voted Democrat in all the major races.

Why: I don´t like the way Paladino talks.  For all intents and purposes I vote Democrat.  I vote for the people who are going to give the people the most power, and that´s usually not the republicans.


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