This is the first time the World Cup has been staged in Africa.  Historically, there´ve been so many raw and degrading images of Africa and people of African-descent.  What are some images of Africa that have been popping up in media during the mundial?

I know, not as many people trip off skin color as we in the United States, or so I´m told. But I´m always happy we´re uptight enough to mostly dismiss these kinds of images. I think that if those types of graphics didn´t signify such dislike for dark skin color, that I would be cool with it.  Laugh along with the joke. But normally, I can´t. Too much going on underneath.

I flipped on the program halfway through and didn´t catch this guy´s name, but I heard the cast members refer to him as ¨Negro¨. Of course.  This is normal programming for the Televisa Saturday morning gab fest,  Hoy Sábado.  It´s the type of morning show that´s so bad, it makes Jillian Barberie´s work look excellent and useful.

I figured the character, who handed out yellow cards to certain announcers during the telecast, was making fun of World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly from Mali.  He made a series of iffy calls during the recent U.S. game. Here´s the Telegraph´s story on calls I think cost the squad a goal.





During the World Cup, Televisa´s A.M. news and entertainment program usually features a Survivor- like jungle set and ¨Africans¨, or actors in Blackface.  Today, the station showed the weekend version of the program, and regular cast member Brozo brought out a Black woman (a recurring gag on the show has him bringing out gorgeous models).  He introduced her to the cast. Two grotesque dudes in blackface with fur and wigs bumbled around in the background.

Televisa´s World Cup and sports coverage competes with only 4 other broadcasters in Mexico City: ESPN, Fox Sports, TV Azteca y TVC Deportes. It´s the exclusive free provider of World Cup coverage in Mexico, this year.

The company´s FIFA agreement allows it to broadcast half of all the World Cup matches, the others going to cable TV.  It´s one of the few corporate giants in Mexico not owned by Carlos Slim.

Post-race in the Americas

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