World Cup player hating

Let´s go Ghana!!!

GHANA Vs USA (The Evil Empire)

Just a reminder to all the adventurous gringos who come to D.F., thinking it´s all love.

It´s difficult to be a U.S. National Team fan during the World Cup. They just never seem as good as the rest of the world. If Pelé came from Pittsburgh, then it would be a different story. I don´t even know any of the players on the U.S. team, well….except for one guy, and that´s because I used to kick it with his sister in college. Still, I feel like it´s my obligation to root for them, because 1) It´s my home team, and 2) My Newark high school produced 3 Cup players, a couple of those guys I knew. They played during the days when the U.S. team was just beginning to surprise the world with their level of improved competition.

From the looks of the sign outside the Insurgentes pulqueria, where I watched the recent U.S. defeat to Ghana, above, most people still can´t stand us.  And you may know why.


I can´t hold it against the pulqueria  Los Insurgentes, which is a new Roma drinking spot that opened in March. Note the upside-down flag. The place has a good sound system and quality jukebox ($5 pesos gives you 3 picks) . It serves a nice selection of pulque, beer, liquor and mezcal. Visit on a weekend night, because it´s becoming quite the venue for live shows.

Los Insurgentes, Insurgentes Sur 226, Colonia Roma, D.F. Map.



Wow. Huge lapse in the blogging. Sorry about that, my (very) few keeping count.

Shout to Google for keeping me somewhat relevant, and for the kind soul who shared a post on Bocafloja with their Myspace posse.  Let’s keep this rap en Español convo going.  I really believe that the next frontier of hip-hop is going to be popular rap in a language other than English (or French). As our Latino population grows (while not at the same time as our ability to speak Spanish) I think people will come to appreciate the different mix of ideas and the stretching and pulling of rap music in the form of other tongues.  Maybe I sound crazy, but if you told a B-Boy rapping in a cipher circa 1985 New York that one day, not only would the South run rap, but also Chicago and even England a little bit, they would laugh you out of the Bronx. Now hasn’t that come to pass?

With that said, I want to keep everyone interested in my explorations of hip-hop culture out here in Mexico, which I hope explains the title of this here post. I attended an automobile expo this past weekend (July 3rd-5th, 2009) in Santa Fe, known as the business-y part of Mexico City. Utterly amazing architecture in this part of town. I learned two things at the expo that had nothing to do with the ‘car girls’ running around, 1.) Hip-hop isn’t going away here. And, 2.) Although it’s not the money-making operation it once was and sometimes can be here in the U.S., there’s still a culture with deep roots and dedicated practitioners.

Now, the car show existed long before rap. And somewhere along the line, hip-hop culture became infused with car culture and now the two are one.  Of course cars and sex have always gone together, so somewhere hip-hop gets tossed into the mix.

In this installment of Automobile Erotica and Rap, I’ll just give you a little sample of what went down at the 3rd Tuning expo in Mexico City this weekend.

Rapper Zw (pronounced Swoo) from the Iztapalapa/Neza crew Manicomio Clan was there to show his freestyle skills.

Reggaetoneros/rappers 330 Studio showcased their blend of styles after a wet bikini contest. What’s car show without the wet bikinis?

More later in the week….