Content is king, they say. How does this expand your personal brand?

It puts Infamous on another platform besides music. With the whole literary world, the world that reads books, that person might not be interested in hip-hop music. But, they might read a book. It opens up the fan base.


What was the production run like?

We did it all, audio book, e-book. My book posted like 50,000 copies. Everybody is different, everybody is doing different things. People listen to the audio version instead.

So how does the process of writing a book compare with making a record?

A song is like 4 minutes, or 3 minutes. In a book you could use your imagination a little bit more and you could spread the story out to like 300 pages instead.

The music I make is more reality based. I really talk about my life, things that I go through. Writing fiction I could use my imagination more.

Why did you choose your current publisher?

I like Akashic. It’s an ill name. They’re a small company based on in Brooklyn, but they do good numbers.

Have parts of this book ever appeared in your music?

This book was supposed to be a movie when I put out the first HNIC. The script had just been sitting around. I had wrote a song that goes with the story. It was on a mix-tape and it talks about the story of the book. I actually wrote it for the movie. We’re about to shoot the movie.

Do you have plans to act in the movie?

Direct and produce. That’ll be the second movie I did.  “Murda Muzik” the movie that went straight to DVD in 2002 was the first.

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