Dear Apartment,

You aren’t the first, or last dope apartment I will ever have. You were close to everything. You had a lot of energy. I could buy groceries, go for long walks and get my dry cleaning done just steps from you. Your doorman protected me at night, when he wasn’t fast asleep at 3 in the morning.
Your book giveaway area always provided me with gems I was too broke to buy and your proximity to my place of study always made it easy to get to class. I love you, but in a few days I must leave you.
Subsidized housing in New York is a luxury. Academia does help, as well as the deep coffers of an Ivy League institution.
So it goes apartment. We’re parting ways, but you won’t be lonely for long. Someone else will inherit you. They too will be close to public transportation:

They too will have the luxury of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. In abundance. You won’t contain roaches or mice and you will always have maintenance people at the ready to fix any leak or broken fixture. Don’t miss me apartment, because I will do better than you in no time. I’m a champ, and you’ll always just be a regular old apartment. But a dope one. Stay strong.

All the best.


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