I hope my Star Trek nerds get the headline to this post.

Not too long ago, I reached out to T.A.N and he wrote me back. I was sitting at work, wishing and hoping for greener pastures. The idea of writing for a living–just writing–was a concept I didn’t think possible. Although I’m making the right moves right now, I still have yet to prove I can sustain a 401k on checks from my writing prowess alone.

Patrice Evans, who blogs as The Assimilated Negro told me in his reply that not only was living off words possible, but if you really tried hard enough, it could be a reality. This coming from a guy who made it seem like his only entry into writing was his curiosity about life. Later he tells me he was an aspiring rapper. Blame hip-hop.

On the cusp of publishing his first book, this spoken word, blogging hero of mine is rolling through the halls of the academy to break down what makes an opinionated blogger rise to the top. I know a lot of people want a piece of that knowledge. Stay tuned.

**Flier by @angELLEnise



I think we’re going to change this flier because T.A.N tells me there’s a new book design. These things are fluid in the publishing industry. Holler.


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