As we all know, it’s gritty in the City. And although we’re getting ready to rejoice for the holiday and eat our figgy pudding and watch our Christmas tree start to dry up, let’s not forget that there are a lot of Bad Santas out there.

Rev. Al Sharpton and ’em held a gun drive in Harlem World a little while ago and this is what they exchanged for a couple hundred bucks and a dubb here and there.

Three Tec-9 semi-automatic guns and an AK-47 style assault rifle were

among the 185 revolvers, 122 semi-automatics, eight shotguns, eight

rifles, and 31 other firearms turned in by the public. From 10 a.m.

until 4 p.m., working guns could be exchanged for $200 bank cards, and

rifles and shot guns for $20, no questions asked.

Says the NYPD.

This blog post brought to you by street crime, violence, a $200 bank card and The Scottsdale Gun Club


Happy Holidays.


Photos: Top, from DCPI,

Bottom, from SGL



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