I think the best college paper I ever wrote was for film theory and criticism, and used comedy theory to explain ¨Up in Smoke

Prof. Doherty, who promised to give me an F if I didn´t return the video for my paper topic: ¨Touch of Evil¨ (1958), told me my ¨Smoke¨ paper was publish-able. ¨But you have to make it a little longer,¨ he said, his lips dragging the¨O¨ out like I wrote a 2 page composition.

This week´s pick looks at MJ, not the singer, but the woman. The woman of so many young men´s dreams. The confidante for so many hippies and Rastafarians across the planet. Yes, marijuana.

This national Geographic documentary is a surprisingly good investigation into issues of marijuana.  It shows how the shipment and sale of ¨trees¨isn´t just something U.S. rappers (and their constituents ) are interested in. It´s also something being watched across the pond, as evidenced by a raid on a grow house in England, that the doc features.

In Mexico, it´s apparent to most users that they are contributing to a drug war with tremendous bloodshed. Think about it.

Actually, if you buy the cheap bags of weed in your hood in the U.S., you probably are contributing to a hanging right now in Northern Mexico.

The documentary, which is narrated and reported by Lisa Ling (I promise this is better than the one where she went ¨searching¨for MS-13), also talks about the ways marijuana affects the brain, and how it plays into politics.

It´s an issue with a much bigger scope than a Google Video pick, and in my humble opinion, Lisa Ling. So, read up.  And stay clean.