Drugs are malo

There’s a video floating around the webs that has Cudi saying that he no longer smokes the wacky weed. I feel you. Although Mary Jane was always a part of popular music, it wasn’t a signifier of hip-hop stardom until the mid 90s or so. Blame Cypress Hill or Redman, I guess. Smoking weed out of blunts revolutionized the entire cigar industry. I mean, how many delis now carry every flavor of Dutch known to man? At least the ones near the projects do. On the West Coast it’s Swishers, on the East, it’s the almighty Vanilla Dutch.
I’m glad Cudder is going to leave that weed alone. The stimulus from drugs only does so much good if you’re not a cancer patient. Plus, who likes to walk around acting like Shaggy?

If you continue to smoke trees, do so moderately, if at all. And leave those $2 blunts alone. Also, if you’re good at TOR, check out this online drug dealer reported by Gawker.

Google Video pick of the week #007

I think the best college paper I ever wrote was for film theory and criticism, and used comedy theory to explain ¨Up in Smoke

Prof. Doherty, who promised to give me an F if I didn´t return the video for my paper topic: ¨Touch of Evil¨ (1958), told me my ¨Smoke¨ paper was publish-able. ¨But you have to make it a little longer,¨ he said, his lips dragging the¨O¨ out like I wrote a 2 page composition.

This week´s pick looks at MJ, not the singer, but the woman. The woman of so many young men´s dreams. The confidante for so many hippies and Rastafarians across the planet. Yes, marijuana.

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