T-Pain. The technology, the voice, the sunglasses, the writing chops, the less than movie-star good looks, the top hat, the ill songs and productions. Dude still has a long career ahead of him, no matter how much you may want to see him off pop radio.

This weekend, news has been filtering out that Theophalus Pain, aka Terry Cloth Pain (that’s Phonte’s witty T-Pain names that I’m biting), busted his mouth in a golfing accident.

March hasn’t been Mr. Pain’s month, there’s the flaking on concerts, of course he let his dad run wild on the man (appearing again here in Mexico City on Wednesday) who gave him a music deal. Man, I do hope he gets better, soon.
This is a developing story, if ever there was one. Of course the blogs with the connected people, and the Bay Area blog that reported on Pain missing a stop with Weezy F. Baby.
The only thing startling to me in all this is the worsening of Lil Kim’s face as she appears in a web video taken this weekend in Hollywood, looking way too much like Dontatella Versace or David LaChappelle’s Jersey-born muse.
For the sake of Kim’s video (smh) I wonder who gets to step into T-Pain’s top hat.

I mean, he does sing in the song afterall. Maybe he can come into the video with a cool Jason hockey mask or something. A little bit how Q-Tip wore the ski mask for the Hot Sex video — reasons he says had to do with a scratch on his face. I did this piece on Tip last year. You know what, for T-Pain, I think a ski mask could work.

HEAR lllll Deep Purple mix, Glass Candy, Japanese version of Britney Spears with a little early Aaliyah thrown in, Crookers, Mexican rapper with horror-core name, Xorcizta

LOOK lllll French graf, Pretty Flaco the intellectual on Bill Maher, Best of the web Time.


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