Just for contextual purposes, a majority of what I’m writing derives from this part of the world. With the occasional California rapper piece thrown in for good measure (Next on my list is Spice 1…Dr. Bomb from the Bay)


I think my one claim to fame as a hip-hop fan is meeting Big L in E-town back in the mid 90s and attending the first ever (of the now defunct) Source Awards. The mission I gave myself during my time out here in the D.F. (think D.C. but with hardly any of the folks that gave it the name Chocolate City) is to look, however deeply underground–or even on basic television– for signs that hip-hop culture is alive and flourishing in Mexico.

Check out this track from H-Muda, below, one of the more pioneering groups on the scene. I have more to tell you about them and other “raperos” out here. Check out this piece I did for the L.A. Times on Kid Sister fan Niña Dioz.


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