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Always wanted to follow up my breakthrough jewlery piece in the L.A. Times with a profile on Jonas. Met him once at a party on La Brea. Super down-to-earth player. He was a dude, my age, with one of those fairytale rags-to-riches stories.

Well, wasn’t a fairytale. He just took a vision, worked very hard and ran all the way into fashion history with it. For those who didn’t rock LRG, it probably wasn’t for you, but he grew his company to take over the world. I mean, cats in Newark were rocking LRG way long time ago. It’s tough to create authentic urban gear when the “cool” shelf life is so short. Jonas was always innovating.

He died this week, quietly in his home.

As his main mellow for so many years, @BenBaller said in this touching post (Ben had to have been crying as he typed):

“you never know when it’s your time to go.”


You never know.

Live every day like it’s your last. Appreciate the people near you and don’t ever take a minute for granted.

Hope I can live up to that, too.


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Google Video pick of the week #006


La Señora Muerte (1967), is a couture horror flick. It was one of several pictures prolific B-movie director Jaime Salvador made with Luis Enrique Vergara at his Filmica Vergara CineComisiones production banner in Mexico.

This film opens with Marlene’s lover dying after sexing her. While being stricken, he asks for the shady Dr. Farell, an evil mad scientist-like character played by this guy’s dad.  Farell wickedly tells Marlene that he needs fresh blood to revive  her – much older – lover. Of course, to make things even more interesting, the blood has to come from young, fashion-forward women.

The film, while cheesy as hell (check out the mad scientists computer), features some fancy houses in what could be Polanco, and a wardrobe by Mexico’s foremost designer of the 60’s and 70s, Pedro Loredo. It works for the film since Marlene, an eventual killer and the woman of the flick’s title, is a fashion designer.

Her costuming— I presume is also by Loredo, in the credits his billing goes: “Desfile de modas/ diseños de Pedro Loredo/ creador de la moda mexicana.”

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