He says  Shibuya,  downtown Tokyo, is the place to be. Masaa as I call him, was making his way to work when he dropped me these two photos.

We go back a long way.

It was Japan’s steady two-hundred-year relationship with Mexico that helped me make the acquaintance of Massaki S. that summer. He went to Mexico City on a four-year personal cultural exchange. Just him, his Yen and his dreams of working less than a 6-day work week.

The homie was in intermediate level three Spanish class with me at the state university back in 2008.

He back on his Japan grind, leaving his home in the country for a courier gig in the big city.

Below, he’s on the 15:30 train on the Hanzomon line. We’ll see how his invite to join him for the Olympics pans out.


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