I personally don’t think most people mind the snow. As I write this another blizzard is smacking the city in the face. Freezing speckles of ice that melt when they hit your coat. The shot here was from earlier in the day, when much of the snow on the ground just looked like a dirt and sewer-colored slushy. Slippery and dangerous if you have a bad hip, or need a walker. By midnight, even the delivery guys had to dismount their bikes. The snow was wet enough that it stuck and piled up. It’s Masters Project time right now at the illustrious J School, so the editing suites are packed. The hardcore don’t sleep.

On a sidenote, however, all this snow is reminding me of the Antarctic sci-fi horror movie I saw a few weeks ago,  John Carpenter‘s remake The Thing (1982). A midnight screening at the IFC Theater.

Some joints you just have to see on the big screen. The movie is far from a masterpiece, but the shocks and jolts are so well paced, you’ll find yourself jumping at certain parts even when you know you’ve seen this flick 100 times on HBO. Carpenter is a master of the OST, so he knows where to put those synth stabs.

One of the true gems of the movie is Keith David who plays a no-nonsense brother who actually lives until the end (sorry for the spoiler, but shame on you for not knowing this movie already). I didn’t realize the greatness that is Keith David. His gravitas. That voice. He’s a Shakespearean actor too often type-cast as a gap-toothed gangster.


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