This is special Christmas beer that’s available in Mexico from around November until about February. It’s called Noche Buena, good stuff.

Unlike here in Gringolandia, most people in Latina America celebrated the traditional Christmas last night. Any NYCers hit up a posada?You can get a nice breakdown right here. With that in mind gimme a late pass for this post, it’s for those Americanized Latinos who are putting more into their Dec. 25th celebrations. This post over at NPR had the same thing in mind.

Here’s my list of traditional Holiday jump-offs in Spanish. I tried to avoid any covers of American Christmas songs, if only because the mall, Wal-Mart and pop radio really goes overboard on the traditional U.S.A songs, I thought I’d give you a listen to something different (well, for some of us this is different). In the spirit of the family holiday, I had my moms help me on his one.

El Burrito Sabanero (Nigga/Flex)

Not since that Christmas on Death Row album had I associated the so-called “n” word with the holiday season. This is a traditional holiday joint sung all over. It’s basically about a donkey’s mission to see Jesus being born. Here’s the non-racial slur  version. Hilarious

Campana sobre campana (Yuri)

Yucatan’s most famous daughter Yuri signs Campanas de Belen. Her rendition, Campanas sobre Campanas, is her take on this one of the most famous Christmas songs in Mexico and Latin America.


Los Peces en el Rio (Pandora). As far back as I can remember this song, which pays tribute to the Mother Mary as she tends to the child Jesus, is a most during the Christmas season. The song says and “look at the fish how they look at Mary and the baby on the manager.” The animals all surround Mary as she tends to the child. A beautiful song about the miracle of Christmas where even the animals know that baby Jesus is here.


Mi canción de Navidad  (Isabel Pantoja)
Here’s a list I don’t have time to explain because I have parties to go to man.


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