As far as “news” this is pushing on two years. So, this post is really just to educate myself. Bear with me. As I’m continuing my focus on regional Mexican music here in N.Y. (which I know is nothing new, it’s just that the live venues and clubs that offer it are multiplying) there are a couple of songs I keep hearing again and again. Club bangers. Dancefloor anthems. You know those songs where your girl is like “Oh, that’s my song!,” and  either the entire group of girls starts to dance in a circle, or the girl goes and grabs the nearest dude to get loose with on the floor? Well, these are those songs for folks in cowboy hats and boots.

Ayala Ben-Yehuda wrote about these hits when they started making noise in the U.S. and rising up the Billboard Latin charts in a Feb. 2009 piece “Looney Tunes.” It pointed out how the two groups Hechizeros Band and Banda MS had huge hits that were basically novelty dance tracks. As the writer explains:

The danceable material, besides being easier to promote at some corrido-shy stations in Mexico, is especially popular on the morning radio shows.

El Mechon, by Banda MS, according to the piece is a cover song. It’s spawned hundreds of videos of people’s babies doing the dance. I think this is how the adults get down:


Hechizeros Band’s El Sonidito is like a piece of silly electronica, no words but it gets people moving. There’s even a more Euro-inspired Ibiza-type version:








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