¨Elitism is just a fear-based concept. Art belongs to everyone¨

–Wendell McShine (via)

McShine, who goes by the artistic name “Shine” will be talking about his work at 4p.m. (cdt),  at Postopolis! Check the live feed, here.

As with so many artists, Mexico City is the muse he´ll talk about.  Look at what he said to London Black arts magazine catchavibe.com:

“I love it here – the colours, textures and most definitely the diversity of different indigenous tribes. They all bring that special uniqueness that makes Mexico. My inspiration really is universal, but Mexico is where I feel alive. Everything here is on a higher vibration. It’s as if there’s another dimension unfolding right before our eyes and my work reflects that.”

Wendell McShine is one of the coolest guys I´ve met during my time in Mexico.   It´s rare to make these types of connections in the heart of the capital.

He´s from a part of the world known as the Anglophone Caribbean.

Things are developing fast for the Trini artist. A recent art prize and inclusion into the Upper Playground family, have been small pieces in an artistic rise that he hopes takes him to the Tate gallery.

His Mexico City show closes in 2 days, at the Fifty24Mex gallery in Condesa.

¨A watcher, and a seeker¨, titles one of his main cut-out works in his “Behind the Blue Door” series. You can buy some of his stuff  for around $4,000 to $5,000 pesos.  His works will culminate with a show in San Jose, followed by a final chapter in the trilogy in England. He wants to retire when he´s 45. Or was it 40? Get him while you can folks.

If you´re in D.F. , go see Wendell´s show at the Upper Playground gallery, Fifty24MX.

Amatlan 105, Colonia Condesa, 1pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday, 52561444


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