The skull and bones can’t be denied for its popularity here in Mexico City. That video is from an opening lucha match last month; they always start with the smaller guys. For lucha fans, La Parka , who spins, sometimes pop-locks and knee hops to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as it blasts from the arena speakers, is the man when it comes to the skull and bones wrestling suit. But wait, that’s not La Parka in the video, it’s Mini Parkita–not to be confused with the deceased La Parkita. And neither should be confused with one of the most famous luchadores of his generation, Adolfo Tapia, who for legal reasons (had nothing to do with infringing on MJ) changed his name to L.A. Park. The “ORIGINAL” according to the word stenciled down both wrestling boots. More on that later.
La Parka

At least one thing is constant: Michael spitting that eight-letter word every time one of these luchadores walks into the ring.

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