Looks like our favorite rapper’s blog has hipped everyone to an interesting course at Carnegi Mellon University, a fine institution that represents one of the few reasons to actually venture to Pittsburgh (no disrespect to my good old college pal Warner Mack!)

98-094 Sneakerology 101
Led by: Chorng, Jesse D; Curtis, Elliott P
M 7:00PM – 8:50PM DH 1209
In this course we will explore the extensive impact that sneakers have on fashion, identity, and cultures throughout the world. There is no prerequisite of pairs, so whether you are a true “Sneakerhead” or just someone who is interested in urban culture, this class promises to invigorate the sole.

Looks like Bobbito Garcia, will snap up some royalties from the use of his text in this course.

Bob, along with DJ Stretch Armstrong held down an overnight rap show during the 90’s that I easily picked up on my radio across the river in New Jersey. So often I would stay up until around 5AM, Friday morning listening to their show–which is celebrating 10 years since its final broadcast–making sure my rec button didn’t pop up too soon on my tape deck. The next morning I would be groggy as all hell. But it was always worth it. Columbia U’s radio station, 89-tech-9 was the station to listen to as a young hiphop head in the 90’s. The only thing comparable to that show is the still-running Underground Railroad, on New York’s lefty station WBAI, headed by brilliant hiphop commentator and now vlogger, Jay Smooth.

*On a side note, I’m kind of mad at myself for not catching Cool Kids at this years SXSW. Maybe I can catch them in GA. No matter what, at least you can peep their steez on the cover of sneaker afficianado rag, Laced Magazine


One thought on “Remember Travel Fox?

  1. Do Vans and Chucks count as sneakers? yeah i guess right? whatever, I’m more of a Vans girl, they always have such awsome designs on them!

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