Drinking More Tron-Aid

Okay. I’ll admit it, my stanism for Tron:Legacy is right out of the 3rd grade. But it’ll probably subside when I get around to the proper IMAX treatment. Besides, most movies I see more than once never hold up to the second viewing. And I can’t stop listening to this soundtrack. I don’t belong to the Daft Punk cult or anything like that, I just think this is a really clean score (listen to it, along with the extras in one long stream below) and the techno bits really lend well to the overall futuraristic light speed essence of it all.

I swear I don’t work for Disney.

Mickey photo via greatwhiteshark.com


Stanning on TRON: Legacy

I was checking out the list of this year’s Alfred I. duPont Award winners (the annual prize for the best broadcast pieces on radio or TV) and the thought occurred, what if that award transformed into something?

Now I don’t generally shill for Hollywood flicks, but I just saw Tron: Legacy the other day and man is that my new favorite reboot of an ’80s movie. I’m not saying it’s some cinematic masterpiece. When I was a kid and saw the original Tron, I was too young to really get into it. I still find it a little slow, a little boring. This year’s Tron wasn’t that much better on the story side, but visually, it was crack. And the Daft Punk soundtrack, as mellow as it was, really had me engaged throughout the entire joint. So, what’s the connection to the duPont award? A silvery scroll-looking thing? Well, I thought, what if that joint transformed into a grid vehicle? Like a light jet, or a light cycle? I was super impressed with how those scenes of vehicular homicide rendered in 3-D. It wasn’t so much about the eye-popping, in-your-face effect, but this beautiful depth of field.

I don’t know how long this will last, but somebody put up a bit that compares the two light cycle races, first from 1982 and then from 2010. I like both.

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