Street Baller vs. Machine Politics

Machine politics and nepotism is how they run politics in my town. Somehow, someway, they got an ex-street ball star (probably one of the most visible, pop culture “stars” to ever come out of the “L” City) to jump into the fray.

That’s right, none other than Main Event from high school All-American, to the Rucker to And 1, fame.

We’ll see how he does running for 4th Ward councilman. See if he can beat the machine. Or help create a new one.

Billy Clint In BK


Man, Bill Clinton is just a live dude. Everyone wanted to shake his hand after the Cuomo rally I attended for an RW1 assignment early last week. It’s obvious he’s popular with the ladies, but man…dudes young and old, black, white, Asian, Latino?

Everyone wanted to say they touched this man’s hand. I of course just needed a clean shot, which I didn’t really get. He grabbed a few hands that reached out above my head. I ducked.

I don’t wanna touch you, Billy Clint. He is something like a stone cold pimp, however. For that I will always give you respect.