Son of a Pitch


One thing I hate about having a Jersey accent is that when I speak face-to-face with one of the more WASPY-looking editors, and tell them I have a couple pitches to send them, they usually tell me they don’t edit photos.

Mid-Atlantic accents aside, there’s this growing frustration with just getting a pitch accepted by folks up in here. Someone turned up the “son of a pitch” dial on the J school toughness meter or something. The photo above is a show flyer for one of the many, many Mexi-inspired noches de baile, or dance hall events, that are similar to the ones that pop up around the 5 boroughs on a nearly weekly basis. Great story I thought! I’m from Jerz man, I know how “new” this is, compared with L.A. or Arizona.  We’ll go to a show or two and  knock this out tight little video for DM.

Not so.

The first in the barrage or questions: How “new” is this scene?

Huh? It’s new to Sally down the street, I’m sure. She follows me on Twitter, she’ll watch the video if it’s good. New?

Little did I know this fuselage was coming:

How many concerts has [been] held? Where?  What kinds of crowds? How big?

What are you planning to shoot?

Have you developed a pre-script?

What access do you have to bands, concerts, the venues?

What about the talent?

Hold it, hold it, hold it…..I’m just talking about shooting cats as they pick guitars, sing in Spanish and wear matching uniforms with cowboy boots. What’s really good with the 20 Qs? But they kept coming…

How many clubs host Norteño music?

What neighborhoods?

How often?

Are there more than 5 years ago?

Have you done reporting to document this change?

How many bands play in the subway?

Have you asked the MTA how many have permits?

ALRIGHT. I get it. Enough.  Back to the grind.