Back to School

I’ve been quiet in bloglandia for a minute. But believe me, I need a little downtime, because things are getting serious for me. Like, school.

The first day is always the easiest. I was thinking of all the time wasting, experimenting, and wild oats sewing I did back in undergrad. No time for that here. Way too expensive.

John here is an aspiring radio journalist. Immensely interesting cat with a backstory that reminded me of this movie.

It won’t be every day that I can carb load for free like this. Orientation is the time to take advantage.

And just to prove a point. To show the kids what they can aspire to, the school brought out the big guns. Super TV journo, the 60 Minutes legend, Lesley Stahl. Best advice she gave: Read. Read. Read. Wake up at 5 a.m., just to keep up with the news. That’s good advice, because it’s all about the work, plus, what you know. Let’s hope we get it that big.

Next stop: Brooklyn. Stay tuned.