Google power

I was impressed when I saw that super-Google engineer Krishna Bharat was tapped to be on staff, via the J School website. My only beef is with the typo. I know, small pickens, but still, this IS thee top J School where craft is king. Hear that CUNY?

In addition to that very minor typo, I couldn’t stop looking at this bleary-eyed pic of Bharat that they put up on the site. I mean, there’s only so many ways to get your eyes that red. And of course, staring at Google code all day is exactly what I’m thinking about.

The illest part of this guy’s job is that he doesn’t even have to be here to teach.

Photos via Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Back to School

I’ve been quiet in bloglandia for a minute. But believe me, I need a little downtime, because things are getting serious for me. Like, school.

The first day is always the easiest. I was thinking of all the time wasting, experimenting, and wild oats sewing I did back in undergrad. No time for that here. Way too expensive.

John here is an aspiring radio journalist. Immensely interesting cat with a backstory that reminded me of this movie.

It won’t be every day that I can carb load for free like this. Orientation is the time to take advantage.

And just to prove a point. To show the kids what they can aspire to, the school brought out the big guns. Super TV journo, the 60 Minutes legend, Lesley Stahl. Best advice she gave: Read. Read. Read. Wake up at 5 a.m., just to keep up with the news. That’s good advice, because it’s all about the work, plus, what you know. Let’s hope we get it that big.

Next stop: Brooklyn. Stay tuned.