Get your Halloween on

I remember when Halloween meant something to a youngin. These days it means more to me because I know sooner or later, I’ll be able to relive those days of trick’n and treat’n with my young one.

Collecting candy on Halloween is so far removed from my person, that I only remember waking up with hang-over’s on All Saint’s Day and hardly recall mixing up my carmel candies with my milk duds the weekend of Halloween.  I can blame so many cavities on that silly “holiday” that we now measure by Wal-Mart candie sales. In a good economy the Hershey multipacks go like hotcakes, in a bad economy, it’s mostly candy corn.

For some reason the wonderful world of Youtube isn’t cooperating with me and I can’t find the full length “Trick or Treat” episode of Tales From the Darkside.

For the longest time I thought this was a Disney short. If you watch this old promo clip, you’ll see the (dare I say ‘classic’) episode at around :19. Enjoy…your cavities (diabetes) and Halloween. That’ll be my kid dressed like a Mexican pumpkin come this time next year. Watch-out-now!