Rhythm-Less the Dancer: A E and R Part II

TWERK IT: This is a clip I shot of a dance contest Scratch Produxiones held at the 3er Salón Internacional del Tuning y Car Audio in July. Reminder to always dance like no one else is in the room.

As mentioned before, Mexico City is car culture. The Monterrey rap/reggaeton group 330 Studio presided over this contest, with two women chosen: one blonde, one brunnette. That’s rapero Delincuente officiating, the rule was no booty grabbing.

I want to dedicate this post to those two women who let themselves get grinded on.

For me, it was only slightly shocking to see the gang-grinding at the end of each session, and I realized this same thing must be happening at car shows in the U.S. It’s not just a machismo thing.
I think the prize was a towel, a t-shirt and a CD.